Are you frustrated with unrealistic, one-size-fits-all exercise and diet programs?

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It's time to learn why calorie-counting, extreme exercising and gimmicks never create lasting results for weight loss.

Learn how one of our master personal trainers can create a weight loss program that is so specific to you that your body has no choice but to get lean and healthy, fast.


Ever wonder why it is so hard to lose weight & keep it off once you've lost it?

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Science now shows us that there's more to getting fit and losing weight than eating less and exercising more.

The less specific your program is the more you have to make up with diet and exercise.

Research shows us that when it comes to getting a lean and healthy body it is necessary to have a program that focuses on all aspects of who you are. The more specific we are, the more successful that program is going to be. Our innovative Client Profile Process and our new "The Werks" 5-point Assessment evaluates five critical aspects of your life, body, and health so we can devise a program tailored to you.



No two people are alike. To ensure success, your training program must be as diverse as you are.

Not everybody functions and tolerates exercise the same way (neurologically, structurally, and cardiovascularly) so not all exercises are going to affect each person the same way.

In order for an exercise (cardiovascular and resistance exercise) to be successful it must be chosen based on multiple factors: your personal and physical tolerances, your preferences, your functionality and your goal. Doing an exercise that matches all these criteria makes sure the exercises you are doing are the right stimulus to get you to your goal fast.

Using a combination of MAT, a functional movement screen, a cardiovascular stress test and our 50-question questionnaire and goal sheet, our master personal trainers can create an exercise program that matches your needs on multiple levels to greatly enhance your success rate while being able to keep you working at a level that stays within your tolerance and ability. More is not necessarily better so knowing what your thresholds are allows us to stay within parameters that keep the exercise beneficial (exercise should be a "eaustress" or good stress) as going beyond your tolerance or preference can cause your body to negate the positive effects of exercise (creating "distress").



A nutrition program defined by your personal body chemistry is critical to seeing change fast.

Being overweight and unhealthy is a sign that your body's chemistry is out of balance.

Each person has a unique metabolic type, which is based on 100's of factors. Knowing this information helps us identify what foods work best for you, your goals and your metabolism so change happens effortlessly and you feel great eating what your body actually needs.


A mental approach geared toward your true end-result-goal will help you get where you want to go as fast as possible.

Science now shows us that how we think has an effect on every cell in our body. Knowing what you want and why you want it will help create the proper mental links and anchors in your mind needed to keep you moving toward your goal--as opposed to moving away from something you don't want. Our neural reprogramming process is designed to help you rewire your mind so your mind and body are working in harmony so you maximize your physical efforts and limit sabotaging behaviors. Where you mind goes your body will follow.



Our Innovative Client Profile Process and truly individualized program design allows us to also set up an electronic accountability program so you can stay on track.

Once we figure out what your program will look like and how it is broken down into different parts (how much time will be spent in each area that you need to focus on for change to happen) we can then set up an accountability schedule through electronic means.

If you're ready to change your life, then we're ready to customize a program that will show you results in as little as three weeks.

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